Wyatt Troll

Wyatt was raised on a commune, yes, the kind chock full of sex and drugs and barefooted children…which he unfortunately left at the age of 6, due to a dispute over the commune’s self imposed “No Drugs/Sex For Children” policy.

He later resurfaced in NYC, where he was raised by pigeons and off broadway actors. It was in 2nd grade that he was given his very own camera (note this was circa 1977, a mythical and magical time when every kid did not already have an iphone) an event which was to set the tone for the rest of his childhood.

Heavily influenced by growing up in an extremely creative environment, and being exposed to early and dangerous levels of ska and hip hop, of course he ended up at LaGuardia high school, AKA:  FAME. Partially to continue his film education, and partially to escape a Mah Jong debt, Wyatt then moved off to LA to attend the California Art Center, where he immediately fell in with known bad seeds, Tarsem and Zack Snyder, (who, when a commercial production threatened to hire him, and realizing he had never used a camera, told Wyatt that he would be his back up…thank you for everything since then Zack!) Wyatt then managed to fail up into the golden age of music videos, the highlight of which ended up being a toxic relationship with Bevis and Butt-head (lasting for not 11, but 13 of the videos he shot.) Evolving from Cinematography into Directing has always been the whole package for him. From concept through edit, each stage is such a thrill to be able to be creating something new and learned …(hire him, it wont be what we wanted, it will be better.)