James Blom

Raised in the sweltering moisture of the mid 80’s Miami punk scene, James Blom originally moved to New York to pursue a promising career as a short order cook. All was seemingly going according to plan, until one fateful night in Brooklyn he was shanghaied out of O’Connor’s Bar and forcibly conscripted to work on a ridiculously underfunded Pirate film production…Chef Blom never returned to the kitchen. The details of intervening years are vague at best, but historians, linguists, and scholars alike believe he spent the next several years learning the art of the commercial production from the ground up – working his way up from being quite possibly the laziest PA on the Spanish Main to a beloved Line Producer, nay Folk Hero, a position he often thought of as being analogous to an over educated carny… yet always felt it somewhat suited his predilection towards malevolent demagoguery. During these years, James was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to pillage and plunder around the US and around the world, collaborating with many of the top Creative forces in the business, as well as perfecting his knot tying skills. While western so-called “scientists” have not found a way to prove (or disprove) it, James believes his years of “in the trenches” experience has been instrumental in the development of his Production Philosophy, which heavily stresses directness (over dancng around the issues) and thoughtful problem solving (over rash knee jerk decisions) in order to bring about a more symbiotic, and therefore more creative Director/Agency collaboration. He also believes in magic underwear.

 From here, James Blom plans on continuing along his natural trajectory, producing some amazing content with some amazing people, and avoiding any long term incarceration. He has no plans to return to the kitchen.

Contact James Blom at James@rivalschoolpictures.com