Alihan Karagul

Alihan, aka our Man from Istanbul, aka Kaiser Soze, aka the Kid from Kadikoy. After a storybook childhood on the far side of the Bosphorus, Alihan made his way to Boston College, where he studied Business and developed a keen affinity for Mexican food and Starbucks coffee. After graduation, he began his career at Ernst and Young as a Management Consultant, where he quickly fell into a pit of existential despair, questioning his aim in life and why he hadn’t pursued his real passion of film making.

 Upon returning to Turkey, Alihan realized that his tenuous plan to play his lucky numbers (8, 19, 28, and 23) in the weekly lottery wasn’t exactly a sustainable financial situation. He then teamed up with his longtime friend, Istanbul based cinematographer Burak Turan to create FPS Productions, quickly becoming one of the leading Production Service companies in Turkey, and allowing Alihan the opportunity to work with some of the top names in Commercial Production from around the world. It has also helped Alihan build a solid network of friendships with Producers, Production Companies, and Ad Agencies that spans the globe.

 Alihan is a staunch critic of the AKP, and a fierce supporter of Fenerbahçe Football Club…the mere mention of Galatasaray is enough to send him into a fit.

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